The Last of Us 2 WIP

Here are some work in progress shots of the Eastbrook Elementary School level in The Last of Us 2. This was the first level/blockout that went into production very early in the project. I worked primarily as Texture/Material Artist on this section before I left Naughty Dog in April 2018. I worked with Environment Modeler David Baldwin on this level. Jonathan Schmidt (Texture Artist) and Reuben Shah (Environment Modeler) were the first artists to do a vignette in a small section of this level for the initial look development that would set a benchmark for the entire game. After David and I both left the company, Jonathon Ruland (Environment Modeler) and Liz Reddington (Texture Artist) took over as finishing artists for the final look. It was an amazing experience working with the talented team at Naughty Dog: One that I will never forget!